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Warped Words

Rants, reviews, poems and stories

Peter Brunton
25 March 1985
Peter Henry Mark Brunton is an alleged author from the tiny village of Bassingbourn, somewhere south of Cambridge, which has recently decided to erect a statue of dinosaur shit... possibly in his honour. He is currently living in Lancaster, trying to figure out this whole "real life" deal they hand you after you get out of university. He can usually be found either hanging out with the roleplaying society, or in his room listening to music and struggling to write.

Pete likes films, science fiction, comic books, roleplaying, alternative music, God, poetry, and Canada.

Ghost Love Score, by Nightwish, sends shivers down his spine, and he will one day kill Neil Gaiman, devour his brain, and so hopefully absorb that man's stunning imagination.

He has long hair, because he's too much of a cheapskate to get a haircut.