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Eclipse Phase

First off, apologies to the players of my last little "roleplaying game run over Skype" experiment.  Whilst I did say that I would wrap up that adventure, I found myself distinctly lacking in the enthusiasm to do so.  The problem was that what was left of the adventure was pretty much just one big fight scene, which would have taken the whole session to play out with the SR4 system.  Shadowrun is a game that I love to bits, but it's apparent that it's never been well suited to the short, LURPS style, four hour sessions that transcontinental timing mandates.

Also, I really don't feel like I managed to capture the freewheeling sense of fun that Leo invested so well into the Caracas setting.  Again, longer sessions would help there.

For now though, I think what we need is a game that is fast, light, and perhaps better fits the tonally darker games that I tend towards running.

Fortunately, I've had a chance to try out Eclipse Phase recently, and I'd like to try running a one shot.  For now, I've got the starter mission released by Catalyst, with a set of pre-gen characters; a good enough starting point.  After that, I'll look into some sort of campaign.

So this is the open casting call.  Three to four players required, for a game of Transhuman Conspiracy Horror.  Oh yes.

Don't worry if you don't own the book:  It's free.  Yes, I am not shitting you, this is a professionally made and released RPG which it is fully legal to redistribute free of charge (the creators even uploaded their own torrents).  I'll pop up a sendspace link shortly so that people can download it.

Don't worry if you don't know the system; it's very nearly Unknown Armies levels of simple, just a quick percentile roll and a few d10's for damage.  You'll pick it up in 5 seconds.

And as for the setting... ooh boy.  Eclipse Phase has one damn fine setting.  Imagine a world where humanity has just begun to grasp at the edges of immortality, and a post-scarcity society, when it all explodes in our faces; our greatest creations, the TITANS, true seed AIs, go rampant, annihilating or kidnapping over 95% of the human race, before fucking off out of the solar system entirely.  Earth is a biohazard, completely uninhabitable, and the remains of humanity cling to survival in the corporate owned colonies on the inner worlds, and the scattered anarchist habitats of the outer system.

You play as people from all walks of life, every part of the system, who have been inducted into Firewall, a secret conspiracy with only one purpose; There cannot be a second fall.  Humanity must survive, at any cost.

First session will be this Friday, 6pm - 11pm GMT, on Skype.  Add me as "voroxpete".
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The Duke Is Still Kicking... Shoot Him Some More

So in a shocking report from PAX, Gearbox have announced that they're going to complete the abortion that was Duke Nukem Forever.

Which it took 3DRealms 12 years to fail to make.

Just for your entertainment, here is a (very) partial list of great games that were made in the time it took 3DRealms to fail to get Duke to market:

Both Half Life games (plus 4 expansions)
Both Starcraft games, and Warcraft (and holy fucking shit, people complained that Blizzard took their time on Starcraft 2.  At least when that game was released it was fucking perfect, and it still took less time than DNF).
The entire Halo series.
System Shock 2
Both Dawn of War games, plus multiple expansions.
The entire Call of Duty franchise.
World of Freaking Warcraft with god knows how many expansions, updates, and what have you.
Both Assassin's Creed games.
The entire Devil May Cry series (and it's successor, Bayonetta)
Final Fantasy 7 through 13, plus spin-offs and something like four or five Kingdom Hearts games (counting handheld versions).
The entire Metal Gear Solid franchise (spanning 4 core games and a whole bunch of spin-offs).
The entire Splinter Cell series (that's up to, what, four or five games now?)
The entire God of War franchise (four or five games now, IIRC, counting handhelds)
The complete Silent Hill and Resident Evil franchises (including a whole bunch of movie tie ins)
The relaunched Prince of Persia series (again, with a movie)
Deus Ex
And motherfracking PORTAL.

Like, for seriously.  What the hell 3DRealms?
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So, yeah...

For those of you who read Looking For Group or Least I Could Do, this is me interviewing Lar Desouza at FanExpo.


(Yes, I was looking right at Lar and really didn't see Ryan beside me until he walked right up and started gesturing at his crotch with the sharpie).

Also, anyone who's read Sweet Tooth (or just gives a crap about comics) may well enjoy this interview with Jeff Lemire, in which we also discuss his upcoming run on Superboy.

And anyone who's not read Sweet Tooth; What the hell?!  Sort that shit out right now.
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Still not sure where this is going, but figured I'd dump the first bit here for people's amusement:

Collapse )

(Only slightly inspired by Nanoha)

Also, I haz Starcraft 2! Battle.Net IDs, bitches, send them to me!
I've also got a spare trial pass if anyone wants it. First come, first served.
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I do comics reviews at now.

A new one is here:

Just so you know.

Also, be checking out RGBFilter in general, for it is full of the good stuffs, by smart peoples.

Some Highlights:

Alex & Dave discuss Kick Ass -
Alex's excellent TCAF (Toronto comics fest) interviews -
Fantastic breakdown of Rock Band 3's sheer insanity from Rebelscum -
And for those who care about smart phones, a very in depth review of the Acer Liquid E -

OK, shameless self promotion over. Return to your lives, people.
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G20 News

So, whilst I really am pretty fucking disgusted by the behaviour of the rioters in Toronto (not the protesters, mind you, but the maniacs smashing shop windows and burning cop cars for no good fucking reason), I still find myself oddly proud of the fact that when the cops loaded up the tear gas there was immediately a strong smell of vinegar in the air, as soaked rags were donned.

Canada: Where you find the really well informed maniacs.
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To all parties interested in Haven

Setting material is complete, and posted (or as complete as will be; where blanks arise, ask questions).
Rulebook is complete, also posted.

Apologies for the slow start; had a bunch of various crap land on my lap these past few weeks. I'm really sorry about that.

Anyone still interested in playing, write up a character sheet and a couple of paragraphs of background, and sling it my way. Assuming I can get enough characters in during the week, I plan to kick things off on the weekend (if I do start without you, don't worry, I'll keep adding players in as the game goes on).

To anyone else interested in the game, I still have space for more players. Feel free to head on over to and join in (for the pitch, see:
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Deep breath...

So, here's the deal.

I'm exploring the idea of possibly, maybe, "totally not committing to this just yet but I'm kinda looking into it" being back in Lancaster for October this year.

Which is just four months away. Which is less time than I thought it was.

So, I'm putting the feelers out, to see what kind of living arrangements I could sort out for myself if I was to move back to Lancaster, aiming to coincide with the start of term.

Anybody looking for a place (I'm sort of guessing that by now most people already have accommodation well and truly sorted, but I can ask) or know of a room that's going spare? Even vague "maybe possibly" is fine right, just so long as I know what leads there are to chase up.