Peter Brunton (petemonster) wrote,
Peter Brunton


OK, like several others on my friends list, I'm realising that it's time to start establishing a non-LJ venue for blog posts. The problem is simply one of appearances; LJ has an established reputation, and it's not one that helps people to take you seriously as a blogger. The tools on hand are really no worse than those most other sites have, but there is simply an entrenched idea of what LJ is.

There's also the fact that I have a livejournal presence, and it's one that, when I use it, I use in a social context. Most of that functionality is now migrating to Twitter and, *shudder* Facebook, though I use the latter as little as possible. I don't know if I'll continue to use this journal for much really; my impetus to post in any long form about my own life happenings has really drained away, which I guess is largely part of not being the younger man I was when I started this. So there's that.

Either way, I've dug up the wordpress account I built a couple of years back, to see if I can't start to develop something of a more professional webspace. The content will be a mix of off-the-cuff reviews and essays, some musings, and a bunch of stuff where I write about writing. For now, I've kicked things off with the first in a series about RPG design. Read it here:

That's all. Enjoy, and remember that if you want slightly more up-to-the-minute ramblings about my life (though still fairly infrequent) you can always follow my Twitter (@voroxpete).

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