Peter Brunton (petemonster) wrote,
Peter Brunton

Thank You, Marvel Studios...

Thank you for casting Chris Evans as Captain America, despite all of my misgivings.

Thank you for handing Hugo Weaving a role as fucking batshit as the Red Skull, and then handing him an entire continent's worth of scenery to chew.

Thank you for remembering that in war films, people die.  A lot.

Thank you for giving the Captain a gun.

Thank you for shooting in 60fps, so that I didn't have to suffer through juddery ass action sequences that I know would look so much better on my home theatre PC, with some simple motion smoothing applied.

Thank you for making Howard Stark even more of a magnificent douche-bag than his son.

Thank you for giving me another dose of Samuel L Jackson.

Thank you for offering up a lovely little teaser for The Avengers.

Most of all, thank you, Marvel Studios, for once again proving how fucking good comic book movies can be.

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