Peter Brunton (petemonster) wrote,
Peter Brunton

Casting Call

So, after some miss-starts and what have you I appear to actually be kicking off an Eclipse Phase game, run over Skype, this Sunday (round 6-11pm, GMT).  I'm hoping to grab a fourth player to fill out the numbers.

Don't worry about character gen, since I have an excellent selection of pre-gens on offer.
The system is also extremely simple to pick up; d100 based, fairly similar to Unknown Armies in implementation.

The game itself will be a one shot adventure (taking about 3 sessions), with the idea of kicking off a larger campaign (with space to switch out characters) if it seems to go well.

You will be playing agents of Firewall, a Global Frequency-esque unofficial intelligence agency, operating under a self-imposed mandate to protect the scattered remnants of humanity from a second Fall.  In particular Firewall is wary of the legacy of the TITANS, insane AI constructs that nearly annihilated humanity.  This adventure finds the agents on a scum barge (a floating city-ship of anarchist freetraders), tracking down a weapons merchant who has been trading in TITAN weaponry.

Eclipse Phase is a messy, violent, and brutal world of transhumanist conspiracy horror, in which humanity contends with both the fragility of it's existence, and the rapid transformations that are redefining the very meaning of "human".  In a world where identity is no longer predicated on the body you inhabit, where personalities can be edited, replicated, or conjured out of nothing, and where new forms of sentient life are being created every day, humankind must rediscover itself in order to move forward, as a new posthumanity leaps out beyond the solar system and into the worlds beyond.

But first, they must simply survive.

Anyone interested, just post a comment below.

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